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What can we do for you?


Nomet is specialized in contract manufacturing of components for different fields of industry. Machining, thread rolling and honing – Nomet manufactures your small or medium-sized, simple or complex components with its in-depth process planning knowlege and over 30 NC machine tools.

Product development

Menetelmämiehinä kiinnitämme tavallista enemmän huomiota valmistuksen suunnittelemiseen, visualisointiin ja tuotekehitysprosessiisi integroitumiseen. Pitkäjänteisen kumppanuuden As process planners, we pay more attention to process planning, visualization and integration to your product development process. Through long-term partnership we help you develop your product quality, manufacturability and cost-efficiency.

Controlled manufacturing process

As a professional buyer, you appreciate a company that makes your work easier by managing the whole delivery chain and by integrating seamlessly to your ERP. Production planning, production optimization, storing, recycling and stakeholders from supplier to distributor and business partners – Nomet manages the whole chain efficiently and makes sure you have data to back your decisions with.

How we work


Precision is quality – both in the finished product as well as in the process. When the demands are high and components far from simple, the differences between partners become visible. The precision, quality and forethought of Nomet will demonstrate themselves during the customership.

Process planning

Our whole operation is based on understanding the customer needs. When you know what you need, we develop an efficient, flexible manufacturing process for it.

Seeing it through

We don’t want to tire you with the daily routines of running a chain of subcontractors. Instead, we take responsibility for the error-free delivery from start to finish. Long-term partnership means proven savings to you.

Improving your product and ourselves

Technologies evolve, demands change – and costs are being monitored. The focal point of our competence is in the continuous development of methods. Nomet optimizes the machining control, foresees your needs and innovates new methods.

The Nomet experts

There is no expertise without experts. In Nomet, the culture of know-how, responsibility and continuous development stretches from board of directors to the workshop floor. This is shown in our commitment to our workers, partners and clients.
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Subcontractor of the year

In the year 2000, Nomet received the Subcontractor of the year award. The award, given each year by the Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics, was based on our long-span customer relationships and listening to the customer needs. Nomet will continue to base its operation on long partnership contracts in the future as well. Constantly investing in new machinery, Nomet is ready to answer the evolving customer needs with our versatile know-how.

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The environment

Precision and responsibility mean also efficient recycling and certified environmental policies. Developing the manufacturing methods also leads to savings in material, energy and chemicals. This has a positive effect on the environment.

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